Accident Management Solution

Protect your business

Accidents and incidents happen, leaving your business vulnerable and liable. To prevent further accidents from occurring you need to identify the trends and reasons that led to them. Our Software provides you with a central accidents log so you can do just that.

Keep your business protected from potential claims.

Good to know

The Accident Management Solution can help you identify what may have led to an accident, giving you the opportunity to put control measures in place and prevent future occurrences

Manage incidents

Add, view and manage various incident types here

Search cases

Access and search through archived and logged cases to find what you’re looking for

Run reports

Set and control permissions to enable users to generate reports on submitted cases

Dashboard view

Easily access a dashboard for your incident data when you log in

Upload photos

Upload images to provide visual evidence of the incident or accident

Export reports

Export reports into Excel for analysis

Simple incident management

Log different cases

Log a variety of different case types – from near miss to alleged food poisoning, official officer visit to maintenance reporting.

Keep it updated

Keep the case updated with actions and manage the process until it’s closed, ensuring you’re doing your due diligence.

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Identify trends

Quickly identify patterns and workplace incident trends, then use this knowledge to prevent further similar incidents and future claims.

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Increased visibility

View accident and incident statistics by location and on a case-by-case basis using your Accident Management  Solution This enhanced visibility will help you establish the best course of action needed.

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Overall risk

Your Dynamic Risk Indicator shows your business’ overall risk status in real time. Compiled from data across all of your modules it provides a solid basis from which to build your risk mitigation plans.

Dashboard announcements

Set up announcements to be displayed on your dashboard so bulletin information can be circulated efficiently across all of your company’s locations. Keeping all colleagues informed is essential in achieving company-wide compliance

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Incidents?

Team Members

  • View logged incidents and follow their progress until closed
  • Add notes, photos, attachments and actions to cases
  • Check on cases, anytime from anywhere with DRI’s cloud-based platform
  • Record various types of incidents, including alleged food poisoning, alleged foreign body, allergy, accident/incident/near miss, maintenance/fault reporting and licensing


  • Establish common trends in your business’ incidents to prevent them happening again
  • View cases for all locations within your business
  • Use Accident Management Solution reports to keep your board up-to-date with your business’ risk status
  • Only administrator level users can retrospectively edit a case, delete photos and attachments, giving you peace of mind

But that’s not all

Don’t forget, when you purchase Accident Management, you’ll also receive free access to our Documents and Policy Solutions That’s your paperwork problems solved

Your paper policies need updating. With the Policy solution, you can digitise and simplify your paperwork

Spending too much time and money on paperwork? Eliminate that by managing company-wide documents here

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