Audit Solution

Compliance audits simplified.

Protecting your business and your customers requires you to identify the risk factors they face and have a plan to minimise them. DRI’s Audit Solution provides you with the tools to upload, manage and action your audits simply and quickly, protecting your business from potential claims.

Good to know

Audits are essential to avoiding legal trouble. With DRI, you can track and manage your audit rounds to assess your situation simply and instantly.

Run Reports

Run 11 different reports for better visibility

Customised Weighting

Each section has customised weighting to show higher risk

Action Plan

A risk-rated action plan will be generated as a result of your audit

Track Audits

View your audit reports, track and update actions

Completion Dates

Non-conformances have to be corrected by a set date, preventing them appearing again

Offline Capability

Auditors can conduct audits offline, providing they can start and finish them online

Easy audit management

Set audit rounds

You can configure groups of audits into rounds, which makes management easier. You can then compare these rounds and check for improvements.

Group functionality

Monitor the actions other users have taken and whether or not they’ve been executed to the level required.

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Cut down paperwork

Audits can run up huge amounts of paperwork, the Audit Module enables you to swap the forms and spreadsheets for the cloud.

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Maintain safety

Easily manage actions to improve your status, leading to a better level of compliance and safety for all teammates.

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Stay notified

No more worrying about overdue actions. With DRI we send you instant notifications through DRI Alerts and email, ensuring you always have the time you need complete those important tasks.

Improved audit trail

Keeping a record of your audits is necessary, but with piles of paperwork to store and track it’s also a challenge. That’s why we developed the Audit Module. With our cloud-based servers you can store and save all your data ready for instant access when you need it.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Audit?

Team Members

  • Audit Upload Tool makes uploading audits quick and simple
  • View audits at any time to review actions
  • Upload media as due diligence evidence
  • Intuitive design makes it simple for teams to manage audits


  • Run various reports relevant to your business and board
  • Details are time-stamped allowing you to check who took an action, when and how
  • Reinstate closed actions if you think the location has not completed it sufficiently
  • Select and search for a location and then view all audits by round name and date

But that’s not all

Don’t forget, when you purchase our Audit Solution, you’ll also receive free access to Documents and Policy. That’s your paperwork problems solved.

Your paper policies need updating. With the Policy solution, you can digitise and simplify your paperwork

Spending too much time and money on paperwork? Eliminate that by managing company-wide documents here

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