Fire Risk Assessment Package

Simple fire safety

Fires are devastating to businesses. They end livelihoods.

Understanding your fire risk status is vital, but it can be challenging. DRI takes the stress away from FRAs, allowing you to conduct your own assessments in house.

Keep your business protected.

Good to know

Fire Risk Assessments are essential to protecting your business. With DRI, you can automate and track clear evaluation and action plans for simple and effective fire safety management.

Action plan

Once the FRA is uploaded, DRI will automatically generate your status and action plan

Customised weighting

Customised weighting for each section highlights higher risk areas

Risk rating

Your action plan is risk-rated to help you prioritise any necessary work

Completion dates

Action plans must be completed by a specific date, preventing continuation of the issue

Time stamping

Details are time-stamped allowing you to see who took action, when and how

Upload media

Upload accompanying images to illustrate any issues found

Maintain control

Do it yourself

With your Fire Risk Assessment Module and licence you can carry out your own FRAs, giving you more control and visibility over what’s going on. Your business just needs to designate a competent person.

Keep costs low

Carrying out your fire risk assessments in-house means you won’t pay for an external assessor. It means you can keep your costs down.

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Boost collaboration

Everyone with access to your DRI for a location can view your FRA action plan, update non-conformances and track compliance. Your teams can collaborate to improve your risk status.

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No limit

With a licence to conduct fire risk assessments, there’s no limit to the number of FRAs your designated assessor can conduct within your business

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Access anywhere

With your DRI, you’ll have access to your risk status and company performance anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser or mobile device.

DRI lets you identify issues quickly, even if you’re off-site, and deal with them before they escalate.

Overall status

Your Fire Risk Assessment Module feeds into your DRI algorithm, impacting on your overall risk status. Closing off FRA action points will lead to an overall improvement, which you’ll see on your dashboard status.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Fire Risk Assessment?

Team Members

  • Monitor the current status of your fire risk assessment and establish if any action is needed
  • Free up your time and take the paperwork out of your assessments
  • See how your location compares to company averages and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Convert reports into PDF format to mail out or review offline


  • Reinstate any closed actions if you don’t think the action taken at location level is sufficient
  • View all completed fire risk assessments for a specific location and examine individual FRA’s in more detail
  • View your ranking within FRA rounds and analyse the result with your Overview Report
  • Keep costs down and your board happy by carrying out your fire risk assessments internally

But that’s not all

Don’t forget, when you purchase our Fire Risk Assessment Module, you’ll also receive free access to Documents and Policy. That’s your paperwork problems solved.

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