Registry Solution

Keep your business compliant

Your Registry Solution lets you store your important compliance certification and alerts you when anything goes out of date so you’re always on top of your safety. 

Keep everything in one secure place so you know exactly where to go when you need to check on your safety. 

Make sure you’re up-to-date with your compliance.

Good to know

With DRI’s Registry Solution, you can ensure all your statutory documentation is available whenever – and wherever – you need access.

Easy access

Access your statutory documentation at the simple touch of a button


The Registry Module is location-specific so you can store relevant documents

Get notified

When your actions are due or overdue, Registry will send you notifications

Bulk update

Bulk update a Registry document across multiple locations

Run reports

Generate a series of reports based on Registry items

Overall risk

Key info from your Registry Module feeds into your overall risk status

Straightforward compliance

Keep compliant

With Registry, you can keep your vital compliance certifications up-to-date, ensuring you don’t fall foul of regulations.

Ensure due diligence

When the local authority comes calling, you’ll be able to prove your due diligence.

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Update multiple sites

When you need to update a Registry document across a number of your sites, you can do so quickly and easily with the bulk upload tool.

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Run reports

With the Registry Solution, you can run 5 different reports. These let you carry out thorough analyses and help clarify your risk status. 

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With DRI’s To-Dos function, you always know what you and your colleagues have to do. You can allocate actions to locations or individuals so they always know what needs to be done and when, simply by logging into the platform.

Clear audit trail

Your business needs to provide evidence of its compliance. Paperwork can complicate this, but your DRI will give you a clear indication of your status and provide proof to any authorities.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Registry?

Team Members

  • Simple and intuitive design, making it easy to pick up fast
  • Check on certification status and follow actions up quickly
  • Easy upload makes admin simple
  • Never forget what actions you should be taking


  • Keep on top of your business’ compliance certifications simply by logging in
  • Don’t worry about certificates going out of date – you’ll be notified when that’s about to happen
  • View the history of a specific Registry item, giving you clear visibility
  • Only users with permission can delete an item to give you peace of mind

Need more information?

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