Risk Assessment Solution

Reduce your risk

Create and manage your assessments simply and efficiently, through a simple five-step process which includes, defining hazards and suitable control measures, managing reviews and area assignments, you can monitor your business’ entire risk status to ensure everyone is safe and healthy.

Good to know

Keeping your colleagues safe requires you to understand the risks and hazards they face. Identify and manage these risks, allowing your teams to work with peace of mind.

Risk Rating

View your risk rating both with and without control measures applied

Manage Assessments

Create new risk assessments from scratch and manage your active assessments

Identify Severity

Identify the consequence severity and likelihood of a hazard occurring

Mitigate Risk

Detail any control measures required to mitigate the risk likelihood

Improve Understanding

Upload any extra documents against a risk assessment to enhance understanding

Tailored Assessments

Tailor your risk assessments with flexible and site-specific control measures.

Custom Risk Assessments

Simple creation

Our wizard walks you through the creation of hazards and control measures specific to your business, ensuring you’re only focusing on what you need to.

Flexible measures

Enjoy flexibility with your control measures. Decide which measures are relevant to your business and those you’ll need reminding to action.

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Assign anywhere

Assign assessments to any of your sites then relax in the knowledge you’re protected, with automatic notifications sent to colleagues when their assessments are due to expire

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Maintain safety

Keep everyone safe with the most appropriate risk assessments for your company.

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Stay alert

No more worrying about overdue actions. With DRI we send you instant notifications through DRI Alerts and email, ensuring you always have the time you need complete those important tasks.

Complete compliance

Keeping a record of compliance checks is necessary, but with piles of paperwork to store and track it’s also a challenge. That’s why we developed the DRI. With our cloud-based servers you can store and save all your data ready for instant access when you need it.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Risk Assessments?

Team Members

  • It’s simple to complete and adopt risk assessments
  • Intuitive design makes it simple for teams to manage risk assessments
  • Adjust assigned risk assessments to align with an individual site’s control measures
  • Site managers will receive email notifications or alerts to bring newly assigned risk assessments to their attention
  • Data can be extracted into PDF format


  • Create and manage custom risk assessments specific to your business
  • Access a full overview of the risk assessments for your location, area or entire business
  • Attach training material any supporting information
  • View your current risk status which is calculated based on adoption and overdue renewals rate

But that’s not all

When you purchase our Risk Assessment Solution, you’ll also receive free access to Documents and Policy. That’s your paperwork problems solved.

Your paper policies need updating. With the Policy solution, you can digitise and simplify your paperwork

Spending too much time and money on paperwork? Eliminate that by managing company-wide documents here

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