Training Solution

Manage training efficiently

Your company’s success depends on its employees. And that means they need to have the most up-to-date skills. 

With DRI, you can ensure you know exactly who needs training on what, cutting out unnecessary admin. 

Get your teams ready to succeed.

Good to know

Training can be difficult to keep track of. But with DRI, you can manage staff training with ease by instantly checking records and statuses.

Stay alert

DRI will alert you when training is about to go out of date

Flexible plans

Build and tailor your training plans for individuals or roles

Enhanced visibility

Instantly see who needs training on what when you log in

Run reports

You can generate 4 different reports on your training status

Least attended

See a top 5 list of the least attended training courses

Course history

See the record history of selected training courses with a click

Flexibility as standard

Custom training

You can build and tailor your own training plans for different individuals within your organisation.

Assign to anyone

You can assign training courses by job roles or to individuals across all locations, with completion records logged and stored in the module.

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Colour coding

Your company’s training status is displayed clearly and simply. You’ll see green, amber and red for courses that are in date, due to be completed or out of date.

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Instant managemet

With our Training Solution, you can instantly view and manage your company’s training records digitally. You won’t have to waste time searching through paperwork.  

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Never miss a training expiry date with DRI. Your platform will alert you when training is due to go out of date, letting you address it before it becomes a problem.


You get a dashboard with your Training Solution, showing your company’s percentage of training in date, the status of your locations, the top 5 least attended training courses and a link to view your training reports. Enjoy the instant visibility this offers.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Training?

Team Members

  • Forget about the paperwork with DRI’s Training Module
  • Search simply for specific courses within Training
  • Download training certificates for completed courses
  • View your team’s training status so you know what to improve


  • Tailor your company’s training so you’re only investing in what’s relevant
  • Instantly identify the training needs of every employee in your company
  • Get alerted whenever training is due to expire so you can ensure it’s renewed
  • Add new employees and edit existing ones easily

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