We believe in making safety simple.

Streamline your safety

Are you drowning in paperwork and spreadsheets? Do you struggle to access your safety management data? Are your systems just not working for you?

Dynamic Risk Indicator makes it easy for you to conduct your compliance checks and keep a close eye on everything risk-related.

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The dashboard

Improve risk visibility

Imagine your organisation’s risk status is sky high. Your workers are in danger. The threat of fines and prosecutions are hanging over you. But you don’t know. Because you can’t access the right data. Dynamic Risk Indicator gives you the ability to cut through to the safety information you need. Quickly and easily.

Manage overall safety

Multiple sites means more risk, right? The higher your headcount, the more threats there are to your business, right? Not with our system. It provides an overall risk status, making it easy to spot what areas need attention.

Ensure legal compliance

Due diligence is fundamental. You can’t operate your business without it. We make it simple to ensure yours is done. With just a tap, you can show how you comply with legal requirements.
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Companies already using our software

We use the Monitoring Module on a daily basis to not only manage our safety checks but also our operational checks.

Empire Cinemas

Join them and start making safety simple today!

Powerful alone, intelligent together

How do you store your safety data? How many diaries, forms and spreadsheets do you rely on? With Dynamic Risk Indicator, you have one central place to manage everything. All your most up-to-date info is easily stored and accessed, letting you keep everyone safe from harm.

Are your operational and compliance checks taking forever to complete? We can streamline and shorten the process

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Without risk assessments, you don’t know whether your people are safe. Keep tabs on your findings here

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Eliminate the paperwork associated with your audit activity by securely managing all your data

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Your paper policies need updating. With the Policy Module, you can digitise and simplify your paperwork

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Spending too much time and money on paperwork? Eliminate that by managing company-wide documents here

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Let your system take care of expiry dates on your compliance certification, notifying you when they come up

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A fire would be devastating to your business. Ensure you know your risk status by viewing your assessments and non-conformances

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If your colleagues aren’t trained up, they can’t work to their full potential. Manage their training records here

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You can’t afford to have incidents repeat so you need a way to record them and identify trends. Now you have one

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Enterprise Solution

You’re struggling with too many people and steps in your safety reporting process. Your data capture takes too long and the info you gather may not be relevant to your board. With our Dynamic Risk Indicator, you’ll cut down on time spent on compliance, letting your teams do their jobs.

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Become a Reseller

Among the benefits of becoming a DRI reseller is the potential for an increase in revenue, while reducing your own development costs. The software system can also help you provide added value to your customers.

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