Checklists Solution

Safety made simple.

Skipping your compliance checks is not an option, but speeding up the process is. With Checklists by Dynamic Risk Indicator, you can create custom checklists with unique scheduling.

Keep your business protected from harm.

Good to know

Simplify your compliance processes and data reporting letting your teams be more productive

Operational Checks

Manage all your compliance and operational checks in one place with our software

Defect Management

Quickly identify defects then simply and efficiently establish how to correct them

Site Specific

Tailor multiple checklists to an individual site’s specific needs

Due Diligence Checks

Protect yourself from claims by proving you’ve done your due diligence


Easily manage different checks across different days, ensuring everything is covered

Image Upload

Upload a photo of a fault or defect against the check as due diligence proof

Dashboard status

Improve data capture

Checklists allows your teams to conduct comprehensive checklists, improving the quality of the data captured and reducing time spent analysing it.

Increase visibility

All key stakeholders have access to the system, ensuring everyone is on the same page in regards to risk status.

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Improve Consistency

No more data gathered in various formats. With consistent reporting, you’ll be better placed to identify defects, analyse data and easily present key information to your board.

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Reduce paperwork

Save time and printing costs. With Checklists you can complete checks on any mobile device connected to WiFi. No more paperwork.

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Task Management

No more worrying about overdue actions. With Checklists we send you instant notifications through alerts and email, ensuring you always have the time you need complete those important tasks.

This increased visibility allows directors and managers to:

  • Identify issues as soon as possible, even if they’re off-site
  • View overdue actions and underperforming controls
  • Detect issues early on and deal with them before they escalate

Complete audit trail

Keeping a record of compliance checks is necessary, but with piles of paperwork to store and track it’s also a challenge. That’s why we developed Checklists. With our cloud-based servers you can store and save all your data ready for instant access whenever you need it. No more need for trawling through boxes of paperwork.

Your paper systems can’t do that, can they?

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How can you benefit from Checklists?

Team Members

  • Simple to follow, step-by-step checklists
  • Automatic corrective actions
  • Upload media and attach to tasks as evidence
  • Intuitive design makes it quick and simple for teams to learn


  • Create and manage custom checklists, unique to your business
  • No more waiting around - update your checklists instantly
  • Schedule tasks, ensuring they’re always completed on time
  • Anti-fraud controls mean you’re always protected – completion windows for tasks mean they can never be filled in retrospectively
  • Access a full overview of the checks and monitoring of your location, area or entire estate

But that’s not all

Don’t forget, when you purchase our Checklists Solution, you’ll also receive free access to Documents and Policy. That’s your paperwork problems solved.

Your paper policies need updating. With the Policy solution, you can digitise and simplify your paperwork

Spending too much time and money on paperwork? Eliminate that by managing company-wide documents here

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