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You’ll benefit from access to our entire range of solutions, providing you with the most comprehensive tracking and reporting across all sites. Complete visibility and control of your Dynamic Risk Score (DRS).


  • Complete, instant view of risk and compliance across all aspects of Safety
  • The most accurate Dynamic Risk Score giving you the best possible indicator of current risk
  • Covers Audits, Fire Risk Assessments, Checklists, Accidents and Near Misses, and so much more

what’s included?

Serious about Safety, then get the best. Our Premium Package is the only software that calculates an overall risk score across your organisation, covering every aspect of Safety.

core system

Conduct your compliance checks and keep a close eye on everything risk-related easily without the pain of paperwork


Conduct, upload, manage and report on all audit activity

risk assessment

Create and manage risk assessments for your entire business through a simple five-step process

Fire Risk Assessment

Carry out and manage your FRA’s in-house, across multiple sites


Manage all your compliance and operational checks in one simple digital platform


Add, view and manage various types of incidents e.g. accidents and allergies. Search for, view, add and update cases


A unique way of managing employee training records


A simple and innovative way to ensure all statutory documentation is available at the touch of a button

360º Risk Management

The only software able to calculate your organisation’s overall Dynamic Risk Score (DRS). Our innovative web-based risk mitigation software solution works on any mobile or desktop device.

Used by directors and safety professionals, our software allows you to store the most up-to-date information in a central location. Dashboards enable all the key real-time information you require available at a glance, making it ideal for boardroom reporting and intelligence.

The trusted measure for safety and performance your DRS is calculated by combining your data with our algorithms. Acting as your alternative to accident, audit and training statistics, your DRS serves as the best possible indicator of your current risk, providing greater transparency and actionable measures to save you time, money and improve safety standards.

Over 40,000 users can’t be wrong

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